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“Our friends at Farrell’s Distributing have been wonderful partners with the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts for more than 30 years. The Farrell’s team has always been there to help support our numerous fundraisers over the years including the Flynn’s Fine Wine and Food Festival, the annual Garden Tour, various benefit concerts and most recently our Over the Edge Rappel for the Flynn. Not only did the Farrell’s team help us to create a new fundraiser, which surpassed all our previous events in dollars raised, but their employees also rappelled down the side of a nine story building to raise donations for the Flynn’s cultural and educational programs. Now that’s dedication and bravery for a cause! The Farrell’s team has stepped forward countless times in many creative ways so that we can continue to bring the performing arts to our community. One very special program has been our partnership with Farrell’s through the Flynn’s Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, which is produced by the Flynn. Our friends at Farrell’s Distributing have had a major impact on the Flynn Center. They truly understand what it means to help the community and we are so very grateful for their amazing support of the arts.”

Gina Haddock Development Director Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

In my 28 years at The Point Radio Network, I have worked with many companies but I can honestly say that Farrell Distributing has always stood out…why?...cause they get it! …all of it! The Farrell team understands that strong partnerships happen when you bring people together to brainstorm and create with serious attention to detail. They never lose sight of what’s best for their brands and Farrell respects and values their partners, like The Point. This relationship just makes us want to work harder and do more for Farrell and the brands they represent. Farrell Distributing has the unique ability to make us all feel like part of the family.

Alex Montagne , The Point Radio Network

We at the Vermont Foodbank are so grateful to Farrell Distributing to their commitment to giving back to the community. They are a wonderful partner in the fight against hunger and are always seeking new, creative ways to support our mission and make a real impact. Farrell truly understands how to leverage their role in our community to make a difference. They’ve sent teams of volunteers to help us achieve our mission, fundraised for us through our annual Harpoon Point to Point event, made generous donations, and helped to connect us with companies in their network to facilitate new partnerships for the Foodbank. It is truly inspiring to see a company so engaged and eager to help in every way they can. We know that we can count on Farrell to support us as we work to end hunger in Vermont.

Nicole Whalen Marketing and Promotions Manager Vermont Foodbank

Jeff Baker, the Curator of the Curriculum at Farrell Distributing is simply amazing at what he does. His vast wealth of knowledge in anything craft beverage related is impressive to say the least. Any restaurant or bar that could tap into his “library” for a training would not be disappointed.

Daniel Phelan, GM , Windjammer & Upper Deck Pub

Our relationship with Farrell's just keeps getting better--every year, their selection of beers and ciders grows with great brands. Their staff is consistently on top of their craft, knowledgeable, friendly and fast when it comes to tracking down the right flavors from their catalog. When planning a menu or a party I know all I have to do is pick up the phone and they'll be there!

Shawn Fuschetto, Sugarbush Resort

In launching the Business of Craft Beer program at UVM we felt it was important to involve industry leaders and Farrell Distributing, being the preeminent wholesaler in Vermont, was the first on our list to approach about joining our effort. It was important for us to have a wholesaler who represented a broad-spectrum of Vermont breweries, reflecting a strong commitment by Farrell Distributing to our local beer industry.

Gregory Dunkling, Director, The University of Vermont’s Business of Craft Beer Program

Here at RunVermont we understand what it takes to produce a great event, and when it comes to the Vermont City Marathon, it’s an effort of thousands of people. It takes runners, volunteers, all of our neighbors along the course and great partners like Farrell Distributing, all coming together on Memorial Day Weekend to produce lifetime memories. Every year their entire team steps up to go the extra mile for our event and they always deliver. They are an integral part of the fabric of this event as their support makes the difference between great and extraordinary. They’re with us every step of the way and always want to know “how can we help?” Dave, Ryan, Nichole and the entire team at Farrell’s make a difference every day here in Vermont, they know the secret to living is giving.

Peter Delaney, RunVermont

"Farrell's unwavering support of the arts along with their embrace of how powerful live music events are in strengthening the connection between their brands and their consumers is an absolute breath of fresh air. They are true partners in every sense of the word every single time we work together."

Brian Mital Nectar's & Nectar's Presents

Farrell Distributing is the preferred beer and wine vendor of Maplefields. They have the knowledge and expertise that many other beer vendors do not possess. I consider them to be my Category Captain when it comes to dealing with my Beer, Craft and Cider business. Farrell Distributing seems to have the pulse of the beer business at hand when many other beer vendors are just winging it. When planning and executing new beer sets in my stores, Farrell Distributing has my complete trust that they will do what is in the best interest of my business and my customers. This is rare in Vermont, most vendors only care about their numbers or the pressure they are receiving to carry so many packages from a particular brewer. My Key Account Manager is very proactive with their products, always rotating in new “hot” items and keeping the sets full of fresh great selling beer for my customers. He does a great job of managing the many different key brands that they have in their portfolio.I would recommend Farrell Distributing over any other Beer vendor, not only in Vermont, but in Upstate New York and New Hampshire. If I could deal with only Farrell Distributing in all 3 states for all my Anheuser Busch needs, I would be very happy not to mention have a little less stress in my work day.

Todd M. Brodhead, R. L. Vallee, Inc., Buyer/Director of Marketing

It is a pleasure working with Farrell Distributing on our events ranging in size from 750 to 12000 people. Their team's professionalism shines through in every step of the event planning process from months in advance to weeks after the event has ended. I would highly recommend Farrell Distributing to anyone, they represent the gold standard in the industry

Alex Cort, Higher Ground Buyer

I've had the pleasure of working with the Farrell Distributing team for several years and during that time witnessed their dedication to supporting the local community. They value relationships and consistently go above and beyond to elevate clients' promotional programs. I have nothing but great things to say about this company.

Julia Atherton | Account Executive | Seven Days

For the past few years I've been working with Farrell distributing it has been nothing but a great experience. Whether it's been the wealth of knowledge on new or existing products. The Marketing team conducting promotions that have benefitted both companies. I know I can always count on Farrell distributing to do what's right for our business. It has been a pleasure working with a talented team of professionals.

Earl Locke General Manager McGillicuddy's on the Green

The team at Farrell Distributors has an immense breadth of knowledge of not only what products will sell in what markets, but knows how to promote and stage events that boost sales. At Jay Peak Resort, FDC’s played an integral role in helping us develop and promote our music series, as well as a slate of on-mountain events that now consistently draw thousands of attendees. Plus, the responsiveness of their service team ensures that we’re consistently stocked to meet the needs of our guests—a quality that is especially important to us as mountain weather and fluid visitor patterns demand that we’re able to get product on very short notice.

JJ Toland Director of Communications, Events and Partnerships Jay Peak Resort

Over the years, our relationship with Farrell Distributing has grown into a dynamic partnership. Together, we have held very successful promotions that have been mutually beneficial for both companies. We rely on Farrell for their solid marketing expertise and quality products. It is a pleasure working with them!

Steve Parent - Church Street Tavern

“Jeff Baker, the Curator of the Curriculum at Farrell Distributing is simply amazing at what he does. His vast wealth of knowledge in anything craft beverage related is impressive to say the least. Any restaurant or bar that could tap into his “library” for a training would not be disappointed”.

Dan Phelan - General Manager Windjammer Restaurant

"As a restaurant group with a commitment to sourcing locally, it's refreshing (literally) to have a beer and wine distributor share that commitment. Farrell does an excellent job connecting buyers with providers, which helps maintain relationships between alcohol buyers and those making the libations. You can also find their community support all over the state, from sponsoring events to providing marketing support when asked. These are the sorts of folks we love to work with."

Michael Cyr Brand Manager The Skinny Pancake/Have Your Cake Catering

Farrell distributing continues to be an awesome partner. In addition to an amazing portfolio of craft beers and cider, they also have a dedicated and professional staff. Farrell Distributing has been a great asset to the Monkey House in building the craft beer and music scene in Winooski.

Ryan Smith - Owner Monkey House & Fluid Bar Service

"I am very pleased with the level of service and professionalism I receive from Farrell’s Distributing. From the people who answer the phones, to the delivery driver, each one of my needs is met promptly, without error. On multiple occasions, members from the Farrell’s team have brought their families to events here at the mountain, to show their support. While I believe that Farrell’s core strength comes from their ability to work well as a team, I would like to specially thank Ryan Chaffin, Jason Strempek, and Dave Otten for their exemplary dedication to Bolton Valley."

Travis J. Maney, Bolton Valley Resort

We would like to thank everyone at Farrell for their support and professionalism. As a new business we could not have had such a successful start without our representative, Sarah Isham. She has been instrumental to us with her knowledge of product and being available for extensive training with our staff. She consistently goes above and beyond and her commitment to us and her work always makes us feel like valued customers. Thank you.

Waterworks Food + Drink

Waterworks Food + Drink

"Farrell Distributing has been a solid partner of ours in the 13 years we have been in business now, and they have been a big part of our success and growth. From sales to deliveries, they are the epitome of professionalism and courtesy. No account of theirs is too big or too small; we are all valued partners."

Jon St. Amour, Jericho Country Store

I have so much more I could say because we do value our relationship with Farrell’s. Mike S, Chris V, Jimmy, Steve, Mike B , Ryan C and the list goes on and on—we like to think of you as friends who we do business with. Mike G. Is a cut above, he works extremely hard for us and we very much value this commitment and want to let you know how much we appreciate having a key account manager who takes such an interest in our business.
In 1986 when I started with Jolley we were in our “growth” stage we were expanding from our current 4 stores (and 2 kiosk) to 7 locations—as of today we have 42 locations in 3 states. In many ways we have grown together and have benefited mutually from this relationship.

Kevin Perry, Jolley Associates

Farrell Distributing has been huge part of Applebee's success over the past 20 years and even more so in the last 6 months. The response time, service and recommendations have been terrific. My hat goes off to all the men and women that make it happen every day...


Jim Tenda, Area Director, Apple American Group

Farrell Distributing shatters the mold of the typical business transaction between a distributor and customer. For me, doing business with Farrell is truly a partnership. We have been able to grow our business every year through Farrell's guidance and advice. I have learned more about wine and beer through their staff than I could have ever imagined. It allows me to make intelligent and effective decisions when I write my menus. In addition, any time we have launched a fundraising effort for school programs or a charity organization, Don, Ryan and their entire team have personally volunteered and gotten behind our efforts 100%. I like doing business with other community minded, conscious businesses, and I've found that everyone at Farrell Distributing embodies that culture completely.

Nathan Freund Co owner Sushi Yoshi

I have worked with Farrell Distributing to help them achieve their marketing goals for over 20 years. I am so impressed by their professionalism and their top notch team. Many of them have become my friends. The people at Farrell make the beverage world go round. They have longevity in the industry… they know their craft… and they have passion for their business. They strive, every day, to work hard for their clients and to make sure that their products are well represented. If there is an issue, they’ll fix it. You will see them at festivals and fundraisers… to bar nights and new beverage launches. It is truly a pleasure working with my friends at Farrell.

Sue Gosselin , WIZN and WBTZ, The Buzz

Part of Two Brothers Tavern's mission is to help support and raise money for local and regional charitable and non-profit organizations throughout central Vermont. At every turn, Farrell's Distributing and their incredible staff have helped us succeed in this mission. Farrell Distributing understands that the great state of Vermont is only as strong as her local communities and the people who call them home and the people at Farrell's believe in doing what they can to help support their neighbors in need. For this reason, we value our relationship with Farrell Distributing, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Our business, our community, and the State of Vermont are very fortunate to have the people of Farrell's Distributing working on their behalf - thank you."

Holmes Jacobs, Owner Two Brothers Tavern Middlebury

At Smugglers’ Notch Resort we take pride in providing our guests with a great day on the slopes. When it comes to providing these skiers and riders with quality time at any of our Food & Beverage areas, we count on the variety and value of products that our long standing partner at Farrell’s Distributing provides. Farrell Distributing listens to our needs and then reacts quickly providing brands that excite our clientele along with supporting our internal goals of working towards unequaled customer service and maximizing all opportunities available. Our resort really appreciates the personal attention of everyone involved at Farrell’s from the top down to make sure our Food & Beverage departments are always running at 150%!”

Steve Clokey, Director of Marketing & Promotions Smugglers' Notch Resort

I would like to thank everyone at Farrell especially Charlie and Peter for all there help and support when I took over as manager. This includes working with our recent reset making it a big hit with our consumers. I have had the pleasure of doing business with Farrell in many different locations. They have always been a great company to do business with from delivery to sales. Thanks again for helping my business.

Gary Folsom Manager at Bournes South Burlington

Hi, my name is Jen Taylor Root, I am the store manager of the Sandri Sunoco station in Williston. I have been running this store for 13 years as independent and now corporate. Your company is the best around. I have complete faith in my salesmen Heath, I never have to worry my prices are not correct or my order is not right. Heath does above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need even if it is out of his way. Dave my driver is always friendly and detail oriented. I can honestly say I personally know the managers above my salesmen. Peter Martin is great and pops in just to say hi to check on things. Thank you for all the great service!

Jeannette Taylor Root Sandi Sunoco

"Salesmen to delivery drivers, Farrell's is hands down the best vendor in my store! Rusty and Ryan are here multiple times a week taking care of their product to ensure the continual growth of my business. Farrell goes above and beyond for their customers, they take pride in their work and they are very easy to deal with! Without all of their hard work we may not have made this business the success it has been so far.

Darcie Westman DJ's Store and Deli Johnson

"They do a great job!"

West Addison General Store

Farrell's has shown their ability to adjust to the demands of the market and become more involved with the small independent wine stores. Their wine portfolio has improved and have some nice “gems”, like Tutunjian.

Denis Noel, Bennington Beverage Outlet

We have had an ongoing relationship with Farrell Distributing for many, many years. The longevity of that relationship is a testament to their staff and their commitment to our event. The Champlain Valley Fair can be a very demanding event for a supplier. Because it occurs over a holiday weekend and due to the size of the event, daily service of the grounds is a necessity. Not once in my tenure here has there ever been anything that they did not handle above and beyond my expectations. We truly have a great partner in Farrell Distributing.

Christopher Ashby, Marketing and Communications, The Champlain Valley Exposition

Farrell Distributing has been a proud member of the BBA since May of 2012. At the Silver level of membership with our organization, Farrell has become a vital supporting member of our mission: promoting and enhancing the economic vitality of Burlington. David Farrell, President and CEO, was welcomed to the BBA board of directors in April 2013. Farrell Dist. continues to remain active in the community, supporting such causes as Breast Cancer research, the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, and the Travis Roy Foundation. We are proud to work closely with the folks at Farrell.

Jeff McLaughlin, Communications & Membership Manager, Burlington Business Association

Our relationship with Farrell has always been a true partnership. Working with their team and partners, we created numerous special events that enhance the Festival experience for our patrons and sponsors. The ability to create a distinct and personalized approach that grows with the Festival is what makes Farrell such an amazing partner.

Linda Little Managing Director at Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

For twenty years the Vermont Lake Monsters have been proud partners with Farrell Distributing. Farrell Distributing's commitment and support to our local area through their generous community programs and initiatives aligns with the Lake Monsters business model. With first rate customer service that is second to none, and a product line that allows us to deliver what our fans want, Farrell Distributing is a partner that the Vermont Lake Monsters can count on to assist us in meeting our business objectives throughout the summer!

Kyle Bostwick Vice President, Vermont Lake Monsters

“When it comes to welcoming attendees to an event, Farrell Distributing provides our guests with the perfect variety of beer and wine options to enhance their networking experience. Farrell has been a member of the Vermont Chamber since 1962 and we admire the longevity of their commitment to statewide functions aimed at bringing business people together.”

Ellen Dube Director of Events Vermont Chamber of Commerce

“Selling & building craft beer brands is a true team effort, between brewery, distributer and retailer. Farrell Distributing does an outstanding job of working with us to develop & execute strategic plans in order to grow and strengthen our entire portfolio in the State of Vermont. Farrell’s is a tremendous teammate, who is a pleasure to work with!”

Dennis Fitziggons Harpoon New England Sales Manager

I have been working closely with Farrell Distributing since I bought Nectar's in 2003 and I have been consistently impressed by the level of dedication, professionalism and knowledge that the Farrell team brings to the table. They understand and anticipate the needs of the Nectar's brand with out skipping a beat. From their newest hire to their CEO David Farrell, it is obvious that the Farrell team collectively strives for excellence and has a good time doing so!

Chris Walsh President and CEO Nectars Entertainment Group

In the dozens of events Farrell Distributing and I have worked on together, I have never once walked away wanting more from the experience. With their admirable customer service, excellent problem solving skills, and seemingly limitless variety of product. The Farrell Distributing team delivers the very best this area has to offer. Additionally, they are among the most generous of Vermont larger, locally owned and operated companies, constantly working to better their communities. With pleasure, I highly recommend them to any potential partner, vendor, or beverage enthusiast!

Jenn Jarecki, Events Coordinator, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce

Two thumbs up for Farrell Distributing! Thank you, Farrell for consistently providing exceptional service. Our Wine and Beer Representative is a real asset to American Flatbread and to your organization. Their attention to detail, knowledge and love of wine and beer has helped us offer our customers excellent products and value. Our wine and beer lists are better because of their thoughtful recommendations.

George Schenk & Kim Pashby, American Flatbread

The representatives at Farrell Distributing have been incredible in suppporting special events for us here at The Perfect Wife. They work with us to get sponsorships and then attend the events in person to share their knowledge and to promote my business just as much as theirs. They are wonderful characters who make it easy and exciting to choose wine and beer for our lists in both the fine dining room and the more casual tavern.

Amy Chamberline, The Perfect Wife Restaurant

We have been customers of Farrell Distributing for 30 years. The staff at Farrell's provides great service. Their drivers are professional and accommodating and the sales staff goes out of their way to make our jobs at Leunigs easy. Farrell's has great products, and they keep enough inventory to satisfy the needs of our busy restaurant. The sales team has great product knowledge, and frequently helps educate our staff on the 135 different wines we sell. We are grateful for the support that Farrell's has provided to our Breast Cancer Fundraisers. Since inception, together we have been able to donate 0ver $140,000 to The local Breast Care Center and the Vermont Cancer Network. All in all, Farrell's is a great company to do business with.

Bob Conlon, Leunigs

The windjammer & Upper Deck Pub has done business with Farrell's for over 30 years. We enjoy the advantages of working with locally owned and operated companies. Not only do they deliver exceptional products, but their customer service is also the best in the industry. We look forward to the next 30 years.

Daniel Phelan, Windjammer Restaurant & Upper Deck Pub

"Excellent customer service. A pleasure to do business with."

Brooke Lipman, Center Street Alley

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