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Wine Pairings Simplified With Charts

Wine Pairings Simplified With Charts

April 4, 2015| Categories: News, Wine Tastings



You do not have to look far for some good advice on how to best pair wine with food, cheese, holidays, etc….Here at Farrell we have  70+ Cicerone Certified Beer Servers, 9+ Certified Specialists of Wine with more coming, trained chefs, and a handful of WSET Certified folks on the staff. Basically we have a lot of smart people here with excellent advice pairing our portfolio.  Clearly impressive, we have some amazing professionals   who all bring experience with different  backgrounds and training. All that knowledge helps guide our retailers on our world class portfolio of  brands to fit all menus and wine lists, including guys like me who are learning. As the Marketing guy here with a Craft Beer background working on my wine skills,  I always look for a good chart to simplify things for me in regards to pairing tips.  They hang all over my office as reference points to help me sound smart when I need to deliver some advice when nobody is around to help.




We are very fortunate to work with WCAX Channel 3 monthly to discuss pairings for the season, you can see one of those segments here  and here .Donald also appears on New England Cooks throughout the year dropping wisdom and tips to cook and pair with wine. You can see those here . You can always visit our brand page and flip through the updated wine book to find a new favorite as well




Our Fine Wine and Craft Beer professionals work hard making the best recommendations everyday across the Green Mountains to help fit all types of accounts.  Below are a few of those charts I have hanging up that give me guidance on wine pairing tips that help guide suggestions for folks who do not do this for a living. I am always on the lookout for these, so if you find a good one send it over to me and help as I impress my colleagues with my new knowledge (I always give proper credit where due)!  If you are looking for some yourself check out these links , this is where I start most of my searches for inspiration and where I  found the ones listed below…

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As we learned from the picture on top of this blog, there are no silly questions. But in case you feel silly asking for some wine tips always remember, wine understands!


Drink wine, eat Vermont cheese, and enjoy a good chart. Certainly three of my favorite things….I hope they help you navigate the world of pairings as much as they do for me.


Ryan Chaffin