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Vermont Made Non-Alcoholic


Farrell Distributing represents some of the best of the best when it comes to Non-Alcoholic and snack brands , ranging from locally made crackers, coffee to maple water. Learn more about what they do and produce right here in the Green Mountains.

  • All Times Sparkling Cider

    Burlington, VT

    Supporting local fruit grower’s is the core of everything we do. Citizen Cider started off with the idea of creating a local hard cider made with all local fruit. Fast forward 7 years and we have grown into and established local company, but there was something missing… Yes, we have a great hard cider line-up, but what about the folks out there who don’t drink? We wanted to share our core values in creating a local cider with everyone. And so All Times was born.

    Visit the All Times Sparkling Cider Website
  • Aqua Vitea

    Middlebury, VT

    An independent Kombucha microbrewery located in Central Vermont, the first of its kind to offer Kombucha in bulk served on tap throughout New England and down the Eastern Seaboard. Save your glass, save your cash! Also available in bottles in many locations.

    Visit the Aqua Vitea Website
  • Cold Brewtus

    South Burlington, VT

    Vermont Cold Brewed Coffee Small company, high quality. Locally crafted and owned, serving the Vermont area!

    Visit the Cold Brewtus Website
  • Death Before Decaf Cold Brew Coffee

    South Burlington, VT

    Celebrating & Exploring the magic behind a coffee bean.

    Visit the Death Before Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Website
  • DRINKmaple

    Saint Albans, Vermont

    pure maple water. straight from the tree.

    Visit the DRINKmaple Website
  • Red Barn Lavash

    Killington, VT

    Red Barn Lavash is made with simple ingredients with a little seasoning and special blend of brewers’ grains harvested from The Long Trail Brewery.

    Visit the Red Barn Lavash Website
  • Rookie's Root Beer

    Burlington, VT

    "Rookie's Root Beer and Ginger Beer have been hand crafted in small batches in our Burlington home since 2005."

    Visit the Rookie's Root Beer Website
  • Rosie's Vermont Beef Jerky

    Swanton, VT

    Established in 1996 Rosie's Vermont Beef Jerky brings to you the finest quality mouth watering beef jerky that is surpassed by no others.

    Visit the Rosie's Vermont Beef Jerky Website
  • Sap Maple


    Made in Trees, in Vermont. 100% Pure Maple Sap. Healthy, Refreshing, and Completely Natural.

    Visit the Sap Maple Website
  • Tretap

    Fairfield, VT

    TreTap Beverages uses the sap water extracted during the Maple Syrup Season from Vermont's Finest Organic Maple Trees.

    Visit the Tretap Website
  • Vermont Coffee Company

    Middlebury, VT

    Small-town roaster located in Middlebury, Vermont.

    Visit the Vermont Coffee Company Website
  • Vermont Village Drinking Vinegar

    South Barre, VT

    We’ve heard you loud and clear, you want to drink your vinegar raw. Coming from a state that bucks tradition, we’ve pioneered a new beverage that combines raw apple cider vinegar, the sweetness of apple juice, with the convenience of an on-the-go beverage. It can be stored at room temperature and enjoyed in every season. Be sure to shake it up for the most bang for your buck.

    Visit the Vermont Village Drinking Vinegar Website
  • Yolo Snacks

    Brandon, VT

    Steve and Peter are the Yolo Guys. They started Yolo Snacks! because they’re popcorn fanatics. They didn’t think about a niche product or an emerging trend. They only thought about their love of popcorn.

    Visit the Yolo Snacks Website

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