Farrell Distributing has been monitoring COVID-19 closely, we immediately implemented policy procedures early March. 

  • Remote work for a significant amount of office employees where possible. We have transitioned all our portfolio, and sales support teams to their homes.
  • Limiting access to buildings for employees, and guests. Employees inside the facility have limited their movement and interaction with others as much as possible. We ask that all employees stay within their work area as much as possible. Guests are being directed to a warehouse door and dock pick up.
  • Remote meetings and travel have been given new guidelines. We have asked that employees not ride together for work related functions, and all meetings are now conducted through the Zoom platform. We have shut down all company meetings and gatherings outside Zoom.
  • Deep cleaning  has enhanced with new cleaning protocols around the clock at our warehouse. Reps with company cars are being provided sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer for their essential travel. All employees are directed to stay home if sick or exposed and to seek professional medical advice immediately.

Updated Policy for all employees 5/1

Employees conducting business outside of the facility:

  • Masks or a face covering is mandatory when in accounts or in public.
  • Use gloves where mandated or at your own discretion (recommended)
  • Maintain a supply of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Keep equipment and vehicle sanitized throughout the day.
  • Wash hands regularly where opportunity exists.
  • Follow all account guidelines regarding their policies and procedures.
  • If working in groups of two or more do not travel together and ensure separation of 6 feet at the work site.
  • Employees who find it necessary to ride together must always wear a mask or face covering.
  • All employees must monitor their own temperature daily and assess their own health as it relates to known COVID symptoms. All employees are required to sign in attesting to the fact they are symptom free. This goes for all employees regardless of whether they are the facility or out in the marketplace.

The purchase of sanitizer, disinfectant and gloves are an approved company expense should you need to do so. We prefer you source through the office, but you are encouraged to purchase if able and necessary.


Employees within the facilities:

  • The use of masks or a face covering is mandatory in the facility unless you are working alone in an office space or can maintain a distance greater than 6 feet.
  • Masks or face covering is mandatory for any movement around the facility where one may encounter other employees. This includes operational employees on the warehouse floor and in our maintenance areas.
  • Protective gloves are available, and their use is encouraged however not mandatory.
  • All equipment and public workstations should be sanitized at the beginning, middle and end of each shift or when equipment is transferred from one employee to another.
  • Breakrooms are available for vending machine use, but employees are not allowed to stay in these areas. Ensure social distancing of 6 feet when utilizing the vending machines and wash hands immediately after use.
  • No one is allowed in the facilities if they are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19. Fever, shortness of breath or other symptoms of illness.
  • Any employee experiencing signs of illness should alert a supervisor and leave the facility immediately.
  • We have temperature reading equipment available should any employee or supervisor wish to use it. The company reserves the right to test any employee it deems necessary to ensure safe staffing.


All employees:

  • Wash hands when entering or leaving the job site and frequently during the shift.
  • Abide by the policies above.
  • Refrain from touching your face.
  • Be aware of your personal health and hygiene when in the workplace.
  • Be conscious of your personal space as it relates to others.
  • Your safety and wellness come first, if you are uncomfortable with your personal safety please report it to a supervisor. If you do not feel your concerns have been adequately handled please notify Todd Bouton x1174 or Cathy Campbell x1129.


Core Topics The Leadership Team Discusses Daily:

  • Ensuring facilities are clean
  • Adhering to a strict social distancing policy
  • Checking in on employees working remotely
  • Monitoring warehouse traffic patterns
  • Checking in with sales management on teams that are deployed in the market
  • Addressing employee concerns and needs
  • Keeping essential businesses open for our brands and products



National Beer Wholesale Association Updates


Protecting employees, customers and partners from the risks associated with COVID-19 is a priority for all NBWA members. NBWA has compiled the resources below to keep our members up-to-date on the latest tools, safety protocols and information relating to COVID-19. Please take the time to communicate to your employees the importance of keeping their workplace safe for themselves and their fellow employees. By following these protocols, you can show your retailer and brewer partners that beer distributors are doing everything possible to keep product clean and safe as it moves through the supply chain.

NBWA Breakroom Posters

Department of Homeland Security

“If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

EPA Resources

FDA Resources

OSHA Resources

World Health Organization

Other Resources


If an employee tests positive…

Employees’ health and welfare is a top priority, and NBWA has compiled the following resources to help you and your organization prepare a response if one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19.

In addition to having a communications plan in place to respond in the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, you should also be prepared to sanitize impacted trucks and facilities with proper, professional-grade disinfectant equipment and products. Below is a list of suggested equipment and disinfectant products.


Disinfectant Products

  • Click here for a list of disinfectant products provided by the U.S. EPA. If you are having issues sourcing any of these products, you can purchase bleach and make your own solution. CDC directions for making your own liquid disinfectant can be found here.

Beer Distributors in Action

Beer distributors actively support their communities, and as COVID-19 disrupts daily life, they have been working around the clock to keep stores stocked with more than just beer. Distributors are keeping water and other beverages you find on beer trucks available on store shelves. Check out these examples of beer distributors that are keeping the supply chain moving.