Over the last few years CBD, the non-psychoactive element of the hemp plant has become an increasingly recognized supplement by regulators, suppliers, consumers and retailers alike. It is associated with a wide range of benefits as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.


Farrell Distributing has monitored this evolving category as regulators, consumers, and our retail partners have come to accept it. As members of the regulated alcohol industry we see similarities in in the way this category is being adopted from a public policy and public opinion perspective. Within our current portfolio we already represent five brands of non-alcoholic beverages that have CBD infused as a supplement.


We feel it is important to communicate our position regarding this segment and the brands that we represent in it. While we only carry five brands today, and only in the form of beverages, clearly that number will rise as our supplier network responds to consumer and retailer acceptance of the category.

We have recently decided to move forward and represent only beverages that contain CBD. We are doing so after careful consideration and consultation with legal and regulatory advisors.

To protect ourselves, our retail partners, and ultimately consumers, we will adhere to strict guidelines with any CBD products we represent including the following.

• We will require that all products and brands that we represent will have been tested to comply with the Farm Bill Act and are regularly tested to detect any contaminants.

• No products will make any medical or specific health claims or be represented as a cure for any specific ailments.

• We will require that our suppliers can demonstrate that all hemp sourced can provide a clear and complete chain of custody.


We cannot overly stress the importance of these guidelines. We believe these products merit the same attention as regulated alcohol to ensure the safety and the quality of ingredients.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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