what is itvfest

itvf-viewersITVFest is leading the future of TV and web entertainment.

With the majority of today’s visual content being created outside of the major networks & studios, independent artists have become a central force within the entertainment industry generating their own revenue streams and fan bases solely on the merits of their outstanding talent and engaging content.

For these artists, ITVFest (the Independent Television and Film Festival) is the premier festival for showcasing, celebrating and distinguishing the world’s best independently produced television shows, web series, multimedia content and short films.

Technologically savvy and forward thinking, ITVFest prides itself on being for and about the creators of quality content – regardless of industry status. Our content creators range from new filmmakers to Emmy winners.


ITVFest was founded in 2006 by TV Producers Adam and Jenny Tesler. At the time, no path existed for independent TV content creators and ITVFest was the first Indie TV Festival. Also in 2006, YouTube launched adding the question of what was going to happen with TV and web. ITVFest led the industry by immediately incorporating web and becoming the first indie TV and web festival.

From year one, ITVFest caught on fire and grew rapidly in the LA market. ITVFest typically receives 200-300 submissions each year, from which 30-40 selections are made.

On the TV side, individual successes came quickly with NBC buying pilot scripts, writers staffed on The Colbert Report, webseries sold to Sony & College Humor, pilots sold to Comedy Central and celebrity panels including the cast/crew from Always Sunny, Reno 911, Simpsons, House, The Unit, etc.


In 2013, ITVFest moved out of Los Angeles and made its new home in the quaint mountain town of Dover, Vermont. This move to the east coast focused the festival away from the bright city lights and directly on showcasing the world’s best independent talent. What’s so bad about the bright city lights, you ask?

Since the early days of web based content, many people within the entertainment industry have thought of web as the lower rung on the heirarchy; where web is a pathway to TV and TV can be a pathway to film.

We don’t believe that to be true.

In 2014, creating a successful and compelling indie web or TV series is an outstanding achievement in its own right that deserves as much praise, admiration and financial support as any studio film or network show. In fact, tens of millions of people tune into web and indie TV shows more than studio films and network TV shows.

ITVFest exists to propel these best of the best indie TV, web and film makers into the next phase of their career wherever that may take them.

Enjoy browsing the rest of the site with details about this year’s ITVFest. See you in September!


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We do NOT mail passes. Simply print out your purchase receipt and bring it to the Box Office to redeem it for your badge. Box Office location and hours will be announced in September.


You can upgrade your pass at the Box Office ONLY.

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Enjoy all of the new TV shows, web series and films! This pass is valid for all days of ITVFest and gives you access to:

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The industry experience. Walk the red carpet, party with the artists and maybe make a deal? Full festival access to:

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This pass will give you access to any single screening or panel discussion. Purchase as many as you’d like and use them on any day of ITVFest. Go back to the Box office to purchase more. BONUS: Passes are checked every hour, so if you’re in a venue while a few short shows are playing, you can catch multiple short shows in a row.

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Take a day and enjoy hours of new TV shows, web series and films! This pass is valid for any one day of ITVFest and gives you in-and-out access to:

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For parents attending ITVFest with children ages 17 and under, puchase this pass to give your child access to everywhere your ITVFest pass takes you! Children must always be accompanied by a pass holding adult.

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passes-buy-gala-2015Just want to join us for the Red Carpet Awards Gala? This pass give you access to walk the Red Carpet and have your photo taken as well as access to the Awards Gala