BRISTOL, VT – Kombucha is no longer a West Coast phenomenon. In 2014, sales of the effervescent health beverage reached $212 million nationally, and 50% of those sales were in the Multi Outlet (or mainstream retail) channel, indicating broader acceptance among consumers. Those figures don’t include Whole Foods Markets, or Kombucha on tap where Aqua Vitea has developed a stronghold. ran an analysis projecting $600 million in sales in 2015, which is on par with the U.S. market for coconut water. Distributors are paying attention to this considerable growth.


Aqua Vitea teamed up with Farrell Distributing in November of 2014 to expand distribution throughout the state of Vermont. Traditionally a beer, wine, and NA distributor, Farrell’s interest in Aqua Vitea signals a shift in the beverage market toward natural products. In less than 6 months, Farrell has almost doubled Aqua Vitea’s on-tap accounts and tripled its bottle accounts. Aqua Vitea is currently the only Kombucha brand represented in Farrell’s NA portfolio.


Ryan Chaffin, Director of Marketing at Farrell Distributing, said, “I’ve seen a few local, community-driven brands that have had the potential to become household names throughout the Eastern Seaboard, and none more so than Aqua Vitea. I’m blown away by how Kombucha has caught on in the past six months alone. As Aqua Vitea continues to develop new flavors and reinforce their core product offerings, the overall consumer base will continue to see double-digit growth. I am excited for them, and for us, as we navigate this journey together.”


To celebrate six months of this successful local partnership, Farrell and Aqua Vitea are teaming up to offer two 3-day passes to Solid Sound, Wilco’s Music and Arts Festival, held June 26 – 28 at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA.


A proud supporter of Vermont-made brands, Farrell will continue to partner with Aqua Vitea on regional events and creative promotions, while servicing accounts throughout the state and helping establish a resilient Kombucha culture in Vermont.

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