Glass bottles have been the wine packaging standard for hundreds of years, but they are being replaced by more eco-friendly and economical alternatives.  These boxes and cans give you delicious wines that stay fresh, have smaller carbon footprints, and bring great value for your money.

There’s plenty of good wine in boxes and cans, just like there is crappy wine in bottles. Don’t judge a wine by its vessel!  If something’s delicious, it doesn’t matter how it’s being served.

With the warm weather fast approaching and all the outdoor activities that go along with being in the sunshine … sometimes a bottle of wine just doesn’t work.  Luckily for us, wine producers are thinking beyond the bottle and offering unique packaging that works for practically every place we want to go .. whether it’s a few rounds on the golf course, a backyard BBQ, kayak on the lake or a hike, you can still enjoy your favorite wine.

We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of boxed wines …..



Tetra Paks look modern, but they have been in use since the 1940s as aseptic packages for milk. Their ability to seal out light and air makes them ideal for wine, and their lightweight, sturdy construction lets producers ship their wine with less packaging and more of the good stuff. Bottom line: Tetra Pak wines are a great way to get high-quality wine in a highly ecological package


Bag in the Box, or box wines, first made their way onto the wine scene in the 1960s. This type packaging is comprised of one or more layers of high-barrier flexible films known as the bladder which is nestled in a paperboard container which has a spigot for pouring. BIBs come in several sizes 1.5L, 3L and 5L.