The Farrell crew hit the road early this morning for a ride to beautiful Richmond VT, to join Brittney Hibbs, anchor on Local 22 & Local 44 and host of What’s on Tap ( for a beer chat at Stone Corral Brewery. We had the pleasure to hang with the owners and brewers, and to the delight of our taste buds, Chef Charles Spock! Below is one the segments we taped with some pictures of this award winning brewery. Also you will find some of the chef’s pairing recommendations for all of us beer lovers to try at home, cheers! Ryan Chaffin





Kolsch – Light & balanced with minimal hop presence enhances light, crisp and softly flavored foods like  Midnight Farm Goat Cheese, apples, salads.


Trailblazer – Medium bitterness and moderate malt backbones holds up well to roasted foods with higher fat content like skin on Roasted misty knoll farm Chicken, Bratwursts, Pork Chops, and mildly spiced Mexican cuisine (tacos , burritos), smoked foods.


Black Beer – Dark malts and smooth characteristics enhance like a high en Cabernet pairing well with Char Grilled Steaks, Hearty Stews, Mushrooms  and on the other end chocolate and coffe notes pair with Chocolate cake… Vanilla Ice cream.


Palomino – Higher hop content enhances the complexity of spicy and citrus  infused foods and the linger of hops on the palate lends the ability of dishes to evolve as you eat, pairs well with  pulled pork,  spicy wings, gazpacho, stir frys. 


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