“When I founded Harpoon with two of my friends in 1986, we weren’t brewers; we were just three young guys who loved good beer and wanted to open a brewery where friends could come together and have fun times with great beer. Nothing sums it up better than our motto: Love Beer. Love Life. Since we brewed our first beer we’ve lived by that motto, through our festivals, our sporting and fundraising events, and our breweries in Boston and Windsor.

As we head into our 30th year, it’s time for our logo and our branding to evolve. Over the next several weeks you’ll start to see it first in a refreshed Harpoon IPA package and a revised Harpoon logo on all of our packaging. Don’t worry, we are not changing who we are, or most importantly, the beer inside the bottle, can, or keg. But we are working hard to tell the Harpoon story better to people who don’t know us as well as you do.

The new IPA package and refreshed Harpoon logo are just the beginning and we hope you like it as much as we do.  I know that change can be difficult, but we love it.  After all, if beer drinkers had not been willing to embrace change over the past 30 years, we would all still be drinking light yellow lagers and not knowing what we were missing!

I couldn’t be more excited about this next phase for Harpoon – our new look, some great new beers in the works for 2016, and I’m surrounded by my fellow employee owners through it all. It’s been a wonderful 30 years, but I have no doubt that the best years for Harpoon are ahead”.

In 1993, Harpoon pioneered IPA brewing with this New England classic. It began as a summer seasonal and people absolutely loved it. So did we. So we made it a year-round beer, and it’s now our bestselling beer and our flagship.


Our IPA finds harmony in the combination of hops, malt, and yeast so that no single ingredient dominates the drinking experience. The sturdy malt backbone provides depth of body and color and is balanced by a pleasantly hoppy finish…best enjoyed with friends.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: copper in color
  • Aroma: floral
  • Mouth feel: medium-bodied
  • Taste: citrusy, hoppy
  • Finish: distinct hop finish