At Farrell Distributing, we are passionate about supplying you all winter with rich, bold, dense red wines to help you stave off the deep freeze. This week, as part of our January Fireside Reds, we’d like to take a deeper look into…


Revenant Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Napa Valley AVA


Only 138 cases produced! This Cabernet Sauvignon’s opulent dark colors make this wine visually brilliant. In the glass, aromas of ripe dark pitted fruits, bittersweet chocolate and a hint of lightly toasted oak come forth. A first taste reveals the wine’s pronounced and richly structured flavors. This is followed by long, lingering layers of exceptionally elegant tannins. 18 months in oak barrels.


About the vineyards


The grapes were sourced from three different vineyards all located off the Silverado Trail in the Calistoga AVA.  Two commonalities for each of these vineyards are the vines were dry-farmed throughout the growing season and although lying only a few miles apart each share almost the same soil compositions, ranging from sandy loam and alluvial soils with scattered  cobble.   All  have  distinguished themselves by producing grapes with rich varietal characteristics which flourish in the warmer northern climate of the Napa Valley.


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About the winemaking & cellar practices


The grapes were handpicked early in the morning  to  maintain  the  delicate  flavors, sorted, crushed and pressed. The juice was fermented and then aged, using a combination of 60% new French oak barrels and 40% neutral French oak barrels to enhance the rich varietal characteristics. The wine was blended one year prior to bottling and consists of 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, 7% Petit Verdot. The wine was lightly-fined with egg whites and bottled without filtration.


About the winemaker


“For over 30 years in the wine industry I represented or created several noteworthy wineries here in the USA and Italy. Having such access to some of the wine industries most influential owners and winemakers shaped my thoughts on the art of winemaking. During the creation of Clayhouse Vineyards in Paso Robles, California my attention started to focus more on “what’s next” while discussing style, philosophy and location with mentor and friend Dr. Terry Leighton of Kalin Cellars fame. In 2005 Revenant became a reality, producing two barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon and 30 gallons of an experimental Malbec Rosé, which no one had produced in the Napa Valley. The Cabernet sold out a week after release and the Rosé while never labeled was a fantastic “Garagiste” wine which was sold to friends and restaurateurs out of the trunk of my car. Today the total production of Revenant is under 1,000 cases of wines made with a critical eye on terroir and aging potential.


Paso Head-Zin 


The name was chosen during the late spring of 2004 while enjoying a bottle of wine and sushi on my terrace with two of my closest friends, Gretchen and Norman. During our conversation and well into the second bottle of wine, Gretchen had told me of an old French book she was reading that had been recently translated to English, Au Revenant. The story revolved around a young married couple during the Napoleonic wars and the husbands’ redemption after his death in battle on the frontlines. This just happened to coincide with my own struggles with illness, so it seemed destined to be. The symbol you find on every bottle of Revenant wines is the Triskele. A Celtic symbol of great importance, three interlocking circles representing the cycle of life. When seen on a farm each of the three circles represents, earth, fire and water. With respects to winemaking you can interpret these as three elements you need to grow grapes, earth, sun and water.”

Anthony Knox, Proprietor of Revenant –