Enjoy The  Season Of Now

Being in the beer and wine business , we live a full season, and sometimes two seasons mentally ahead . Not that I am trying to gain any sympathy for my industry because, in our opinion, we wouldn’t do anything else. But the reality is we sometimes do not get to enjoy the offerings that come with living in this beautiful State from season to season.  It’s not that we do not want to live and enjoy the current calendar date we  find ourselves in at any given moment, but the planning and organizing of a layered portfolio constantly puts you out in the future. In Vermont, the season’s come and go at the blink of an eye. Sometimes happening over night,  and in many cases, they can end pretty abruptly. That certainly can make the company’s Inventory Control Manager and Brand Managers lose a lot of sleep trying to time special releases, and small batch offerings that the brewers or wine makers crafted to fit the current season.



The other day I found myself  sitting by a pool enjoying a great summer brew by one of our partners, with my mind drifting to the thought of snow and base lodge happy hour gatherings. Although this thought always brings a smile to my face, I for the first time in many years being in this business sub-consciously brought myself back to the moment of being in the sun, by a pool, and with a Summer can in my hand. That felt great to be in the moment of the season. If you happen to be in an industry with the same challenges, remind yourself to enjoy the current day on the calendar. For me, that means enjoying some of the very best styles that fit this season. Light bodied summer beers,  mildly hopped Pale Ale’s, and even some of the newer Shandy’s that have hit the market. White wines, Roses, Prosecco, and some locally pressed Cider always suits me well this time of year.

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Summer always brings out a wealth of festivals and events, all located on our calendar. From locally driven food and music festivals, beer fests, wine tastings, and specialty seasonal dinner pairings.   We are always out and about. Stay up to date at www.farrelldistributing.com and check out our news/event calendar.



As we find ourselves in mid July, lets enjoy the sunshine and take in the Green Mountains. The seasonal transition has already begun and Fall is just around the corner. We are already seeing Brown Ales, Pumpkin Ales, Oktoberfest brews, and medium to full bodied reds sifting in. The mountains soon will be packed with skiers and riders enjoying the slopes , drinking maltier and full bodied pints before we know it. Let US obsess and worry about making sure you have the right beers and wines in your local pubs to fit the time of year. It’s  not a perfect process and sometimes our crystal ball is wrong (we blame that on our friend Gary Sadowski over at WCAX) so enjoy and embrace the seasonal transitions, but for today,  enjoy the season of now.

10450598_10152567652129920_271454388368491132_n(Long Trail Brewing, Bridgewater Corners)


I am lucky that our portfolio has many wonderful offerings to enjoy. I encourage you to explore our brands and find the one that fits your seasonal palate. You can flip through our beer portfolio book or explore the wines we represent easily on our website.




Ryan Chaffin

Farrell Distributing

Director of Marketing