The fusion of clean, bold, and aggressive West Coastflavors and East Coast balance and drinkability.

*** We call this “Aggressively Laid-Back Beer.” ***

Darn near everyone in Vermont has heard of Big Cranky and L’il Cranky…but what about the other birds of a feather?

  • CRANKY IPA – Assertive hop character enhanced by a smooth malt backbone are what define this IPA. Cranky™ showcases citrus and tropical fruit hops balanced by notes of black pepper and pine. At 6.8% ABV and 68 IBUs this IPA is cranky enough to satisfy your bitterest of dispositions. 12oz/2/12 cans (#59075).
  • LA GARZA MexiCali Lager – Crystal clear, and imminently crushable for a baja-worthy outing. Brewed with flaked maize for an exceptionally smooth body we bring the beer to life with bright, citrusy late-hop additions for a crisp mouthfeel with subtle lime and melon undertones.  4.8% ABV. 12oz/2/12 cans (#59080). 5.16 gal. logs available.
  • STONY JOE – Now available in cans! Stony Joe is a Golden Mocha Stout. It is designed like a traditional Milk Stout but without using the typical roasted dark malts. Instead we use a boat load of rich, decadent golden colored English barley, flaked barley, flaked oats, and flaked wheat to give it lush body and smooth sweetness. We then ferment it on Cocoa Nibs and add fresh locally roasted Guatemalan Coffee, directly to the fermenter. The cocoa nibs and coffee add the rich mocha notes and bright roasty/coffee aroma you might typically find in a stout. We are excited to partner with Redding Roasters Coffee Company of Bethel, CT on this mind bending beer. 5.5% ABV. 2017 GABF Bronze Medal winner! 12oz/4/6 cans (#59089). 5.16 gal. logs available.
  • RUFFLED FEATHERS – Craft beer always finds a way to get under your skin — or in our case, feathers. That’s what we love about this ongoing thread of innovation in New England-style IPAs. It challenges even the most stubbornly-held opinions on what is, and isn’t, a great IPA.   Ruffled Feathers is our attempt to spread our wings and try a new flight path with a luscious, fresh-pressed texture bursting with juicy tropical notes and just enough bitterness to finish clean and crisp. Flavors of ripe mango, bright citrus, and stone fruit from a generous hopping of El Dorado, Azacca, and Eureka hops give this surprisingly hazy IPA a brilliant clarity of flavor. 6.2% ABV. 16oz/6/4 cans (#59088).
  • DOUBLE RUFFLED FEATHERS – With Double Ruffled, our wings spread wider, and the feathers get more ruffled.  Luscious, fresh-pressed textures burst with juicy tropical notes, while a balanced bitterness leads to a clean and crisp finish. Flavors of ripe mango, blueberry and bright citrus, from generous hoppings of El Dorado, Azacca, and Mosaic hops give this surprisingly hazy Double IPA a brilliant clarity of flavor. 8.2% ABV. 16oz/6/4 cans (#59091).
  • RIPE & CRANKY SERIES – Being ripe means being ready…and thoroughly juicy! This is the freshest, ripest beer you can imagine.  With each batch of Cranky IPA, we watch it develop right under our noses, and when it’s ripe, it’s ready for blending with New Haven CT’s RIPE Craft Juice™ fresh pressed into each batch for perfect hoppy harmony. PINEAPPLE JUICED IPA  16oz/6/4 cans (#59086). ORANGE JUICED IPA 16oz/6/4 cans (#59084).
  • CRANKENSTEIN #1 – Crankenstein….an unorthodox brewing experiment selecting the best elements of West Coast and NEIPAs, resulting in a seamlessly stitched together evolution of the style.  Clean, dry and bright, with a balancing bitterness, the heart of this creature is pure west coast.  Crankenstein’s soul, however, is thoroughly New England with an exceptional mouthfeel and lush hop aromas.  Each numbered release in this series features a distinctive blend of exciting hops that will awaken the senses. Some might say it’s an atrocity.  We think it’s the future!   7.2% ABV, 50 IBUs. 16oz/6/4 cans