Farrell Distributing has announced they will help sponsor the first official Vermont Beer Week, debuting this Fall. Measured Methods, a Burlington, VT agency specializing in craft beer marketing & events is leading the charge to bring this week into a reality.

Taking place September 18-27 with support from the Vermont Department of Tourism, . Vermont Beer Week aims to bring locals & tourists together for a 10 day celebration embracing our craft beer culture.

Through our nearly 80 years of operation, our mission hasn’t changed: We seek to be a leader in all that we do – as a first-class distributor, as a Vermont employer and as a contributing member of our community. We are proud to support our Made in Vermont portfolio, 27 brands strong including Beer, Wine, Mead, Cider and NA brands.

We are thrilled to showcase our Made In Vermont portfolio during VT Beer Week. Look for events and happenings that week as we celebrate our wonderful beer culture!


Our Vermont portfolio between Farrell and our partners make up over 550 jobs here locally. Also, collectively Farrell along with our Vermont partners purchase from over 650 local companies. That is real economic impact keeping dollars right here in the 802!

Stay tuned for more info at vermontbeerweek.com, also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @vermontbeerweek . Also follow our event calendar here



Why Host a Beer Week?


Q: When is Vermont Beer Week?
A: The inaugural Vermont Beer Week will be Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 27, 2015

Q: What is Vermont Beer Week?
A: A venture to bring together Vermont breweries, bars, restaurants, lodging, retail outlets, drinkers, homebrewers and media outlets.

Q: What is the mission of Vermont Beer Week?
A: To create a statewide collaboration of parties to support and promote our local craft beer community first.

Q: Why Vermont Beer Week?
A: While attention is already paid by informed individuals to Vermont’s breweries and beers, a Vermont Beer Week shall give a greater potential for beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers (yet) alike to try our offerings in the State at both traditional and non-traditional beer venues.

Q: What events will be involved in Vermont Beer Week?
A: The events are up to the individual locations to plan and host directly. Whether it’s a tour at a brewery, a tap-takeover at a bar, a tasting at a store location, a beer pairing event at a restaurant or ‘outside of the bottle’ concepts, venues of all types are encouraged to participate and host one or many events.

Q: How can I get involved in Vermont Beer Week?
A: If you would like to host an event, volunteer to help, or would like to sponsor Vermont Beer Week, email vtbw@measuredmethods.com or send a Tweet to @VermontBeerWeek

Q: Who is behind Vermont Beer Week?
A: Founded and launched by Measured Methods, a craft-centric Burlington marketing and events agency that specializes in the Vermont Beer scene, with support from the Vermont Department of Tourism. @MeasuredMethods may be better known as @HopSnobbery and @LipstickNLager on Twitter.


A properly run Beer Week will not only involve breweries and bars, but it should also involve bottle shops, restaurants, hotels and non-traditional venues.  When these various establishments participate and embrace the true culture of a Beer Week, more people will be exposed to the booming industry that is craft beer.


In the State of Vermont, which as of May 13, 2015 has 43 active breweries and the most per capita in the United States with one brewery for every 14,420 residents, a planned week long celebration has been discussed for years off and on.  While the concept never came to fruition, that will change in 2015.  September 18th to the 27th will be the inaugural Vermont Beer Week as coordinated by Measured Methods.  Bookended by events like the 2nd annual Brewhaha, SIPtemberfest and the debut Oktoberfest Vermont, be sure to look for a statewide celebration from Addison County to Windsor County with many points in between.  You can point your browser to www.VermontBeerWeek.com which will contain the listing of events, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at VermontBeerWeek, while also using the hashtag #VTBW.