Over the past ten years, the beverage industry has evolved significantly and many flavors have been created and developed to enhance people’s drinking experience. Endless flavors and cocktails are constantly being developed–but what about snacking? Can we enhance people’s drinking experience by offering them the perfect snack to match their favorite drink while increasing profits? In the ever-evolving world of beverage offerings, bar owners and restaurateurs are constantly looking for that next great product that distinguishes their brand over their competition. With the Nuts for Drinks option, the hospitality industry now has a revolutionary bar snack that has been especially formulated to be paired with a variety of beverage styles and types.


Nuts for Drinks is a premium snack that contains peanuts and a proprietary specialty-baked coating. We developed natural flavors and recipes to complement customers’ favorite drinks. Our patent-based process creates a unique customer experience similar to having a good cocktail. When snacking on Nuts for Drinks you will notice the flavors kick in as you start snacking.


Our top mixology experts have developed new flavors that were designed to match specific drinks. Each flavor contains six to eight ingredients that go perfectly with the customer’s favorite drinks. Our crunchiness is something that is unique and was was developed especially by our food engineers to give you the best snacking experience.





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