Published in Experience Burlington 2016

By: Ryan Chaffin, @FarrellDistVT Farrell Distributing, Director of Marketing

We are proud of the brewing culture that exisits here in the Green Mountain State, and the numbers certainly prove that. 40+ Breweries, 20+ Wineries and Cideries, local Meads and a number of alternatively-brewed beverages are in full-fermentation across the state. Vermont’s proud brewing culture, consisting of 8.6 craft breweries per capita and producing over 250,000 barrels of craft beer annually, helps generate 196 million dollars for this little state with one lone area code. “Made in Vermont” brands win awards locally, regionally and nationally, and deservedly so, considering the passion, hard work and locally-grown ingredients poured into these brands each and every day. To say these guys and gals are talented is a vast understatement; They are amazing. And Vermonters are vehemently proud of our friends and neighbors who roll up their sleeves every day, trying to find just the right combination of malts and hops in hopes of achieving the perfect brew to appease the masses. Our brewing culture boasts long lines spilling out beverage center doors, up-to-the-minute social media updates and local pub conversations about where to find a growler of this, and who scored a case of that. The excitement spewing from social media feeds, showcasing carloads of craft beer fans crossing back over the border, day after day, their trunks jammed-packed with cold brews, heading back to their home states to brag about what they found, is daily life here. Out-of-state guests traveling here to visit Vermont breweries are not only welcomed, but fully embraced. We appreciate those making the trip to learn more and to help support our brewing economy. There are hidden gems throughout our beautiful state, so when it comes to visiting our manufacturers and getting to see, firsthand, where the magic happens, it can become the experience of a lifetime, both for locals and for visitors. The term, “craft”, represents numerous segments: Beer, wine, cider and mead. And all are thriving because of local support, and you! Whether it’s visiting local restaurants, hotels, stores or resorts, we in the industry sincerely appreciate your desire to search out what the term, “Made in Vermont”, really means, and why those who work to sustain and to grow the brands within obsess over it. I hope your plans involve attending some of our statewide brewers’ festivals, weekend brewery events, summer festivals, resort activities, outdoor live music gigs, BTV’s Oktoberfest or one of our legendary ski mountain après parties. We try our best to offer as many opportunities as possible for you to get up close and personal with the men and women behind the curtains of our local craft organizations and to sample the goods of the Vermont craft world. In an age of digital and social connection, it’s not hard to find where the action is on any given weekend, and the state is not short of it. Whether you are traveling here, or whether you grew up here and are new to the brewing scene, I encourage you to stay connected to Vermont’s beer community and join us when you can. I promise you will always feel welcomed and embraced. New friends are right around the corner, sharing, talking, and drinking the best beer in the world, brewed right here in Vermont!