Twice a month the Farrell crew heads down to visit with our good friend Brittney Hibbs over at Local 22 & Local 44, who is the Morning Show Anchor, and host of ‘What’s on Tap? We love wine here at Farrell Distributing, and look forward to showcasing vineyards and varietals that are available across the state. Each segment, Donald pulls out some wines that he is enjoying and takes us on a quick tour through the flavor profiles and the stories behind the wine. Wine can be confusing at times, especially when trying to decide what pairs with certain dishes, knowing how to decide between sweeter versus dryer wines, what to look for when shopping varietals, and even just knowing what to expect based on just the info on the label. We will keep this segment informal but informative, and highlight wines you can easily find at your local wine shop or favorite beverage retailer.


Ryan Chaffin | Director of Marketing | Farrell Distributing

Check out all the past segments below and we hope you find a new wine to enjoy! If you ever have any questions on any of the wines you see here, hit us up at

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Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesday

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Wine Down Wednesday

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