We love being in the wine business, and our sales team from time to time gets the opportunity to travel and learn more about our brand partners. We are lucky Rick had his trusty GoPro on hand to document his recent trip to Bodegas Nieto Senetiner, one of the oldest and largest producers in Mendoza Argentina. Check out a quick blurb below and watch the video Rick made documenting his amazing trip, not to be missed!

“It is not often in the wine business that someone offers you a trip to  Argentina! The brand I would soon come to know is Bodegas Nieto Senetiner, one of the oldest and largest producers in Mendoza.  On August 10th I was lucky enough to meet up with 13 other wine representatives from around the country, that worked with Foley Family wines and the Nieto brand in markets such as NY, FL, and CA.  As I landed in Mendoza, I was surprised to find out that the temperature was not nearly as cold as one would expect for “winter”.  The temperatures were in the low 60’s for most of the week  It turns out that they had experienced a winter not to different then the Northeast, mild and very little snow.  Despite the warm temps, the Andes which engulf the landscape, looked majestic with their snow covered 10-15,000 foot peaks.  On our first day, nearly 24 hours since I left Vermont, we checked into our Hotel in downtown Mendoza, and were bused right to the Nieto winery, which has been in operation for over 120 years.  First operated by Italian immigrants, we rolled through the gated entrance, and came upon the Vistalba vineyard which was planted in 1994.  Within this property lied the original winery built in 1888.  With a quick tasting through the lineup of wines, we were led out to the patio, where the traditional Asado (wood fired Barbecue) was waiting for us. It is amazing the way they cook on these outdoor grills.  It was loaded with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Chorizo Sausage, and Blood sausage.  We were served a constant stream of food from start to finish, with an abundance of delicious wine from Nieto.  Among the standouts was the 2015 Nieto Senetiner Black Label Red Blend. (A blend of Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot) This wine was a perfect match for the plethora of meat coming off the grill, and will be available in Vermont very soon.  Next we were introduced to some of the single vineyard wines that were absolutely stunning, as well as some sparkling wines that made for a great way to celebrate the new friendships being formed.  On day two we visited two vineyards, one in the Lujan de Cuyo, and one in the Uco Valley.  It was here that we learned about the meticulous pruning that occurs in the winter, and the ongoing soil analysis, that is key to the wine-making.  As most winemakers will tell you, a great wine is made in the vineyard, not in the winery.  We were treated to Lunch at Casa de Uco, where I learned more about the classic dishes of Argentina. I had a beef Milanese, which I learned is a weekly tradition for most Argentine families.  I washed it down with the Barrel Select Malbec, which as the name eludes to, is the best Barrels selected from each vintage to produce a more refined aromatic and softer style of Malbec. It was bottled in a burgundy bottle vs a Bordeaux bottle, to indicate that it is a more floral and delicate wine with more finesse than  power.  At the winery we were treated to a special meal prepared by Chef Lucas Eustos.  We toured the winery and were escorted to the cellar where we were treated to a vertical tasting of Nieto Bonarda from 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2011.  It was an amazing experience, sharing these wines with the winemaker who created them.  My favorites were the 2000, and the 2011.  After the tasting we adjourned to the patio where the Chef had prepared a Curanto, a style of cooking food buried in dirt and stones.  It was a modified version of the traditional Curanto, because it was cooked on top of the grill vs. in the ground, but it made for a fantastic show.  Again, we were stuffed to the gills with meat and they threw in some fish this time, but nevertheless, no one left hungry, that’s for sure.  In the 2 short days that I spent with Nieto, I formed a great relationship with the other brand ambassadors.

“Thank You to Keith Harvell and the Foley Family Team for selecting me to lead the charge in Vermont, it is a trip I won’t soon forget.” I hope you all enjoy the video I made to celebrate this amazing experience I was lucky enough to participate in.”

Rick Kuehl

Farrell Distributing Fine Sales and Craft Beer Sales