Imagine if our whole association got behind one authentic Vermont craft beverage brand in 2021— together we could help launch a local brand across Vermont and set it up to break through the industry giants’ control of national beverage markets. Helping grow another exceptional Vermont company will boost Vermont’s economy and reputation as a leader in specialty food and beverage. Shrubbly, LLC could be that company.

It was a long shot, but after a lengthy search for farmland that Matt and Amy Sayre could afford, in 2010 they found the perfect piece of land. For the first few years they worked to build a small farmhouse for their family, and then on April 26, 2013 they planted their first berry bush. Nearly seven years later, on January 31, 2020 they filled their first cans of Shrubbly®. Although it started selling well immediately in markets and cafes, spring 2020 was a very hard time to launch due to COVID-19.

Fortunately, Farrell Distributing recognized Shrubbly’s potential as an uncommonly, well-crafted line of alcohol and caffeine free sparkling beverages that were an ideal fit with people’s increasing desire for healthy alternatives to sugary soda. Farrell was impressed with Shrubbly and wanted to support this local startup, so they agreed to take on Shrubbly as a new account even though it was the middle of a pandemic. A true example of how Vermonters help other Vermonters.

Shrubbly® is a lightly sparkling, no/low sugar, prebiotic soda with bold and delicious flavor from an old-time fruit and apple cider vinegar mixer called a “Shrub”. It’s made with organic fruit from the Sayre family’s Vermont berry farm and other wellness shot ingredients. It’s good straight from the can or as a lightly effervescent mixer.

It is so inspiring that the pandemic didn’t stop Shrubbly, our members, or many other entrepreneurs out there. When hard times hit, they press on and find a new ways to create for us the things we need and love. We know our future is bright because the story of people bootstrapping it in America and their communities supporting them is a very common story. It’s our American story. Let’s continue this story in Vermont by helping each other. Let’s introduce Vermont’s next breakthrough brand in 2021.