From Jeff Weaber (Founder)

Greetings Vermont Friends of Aqua Vitea,

I write with exciting news about a partnership Aqua Vitea has forged with Farrell Distributing. Since my early days delivering Kombucha in a Jetta Wagon—back when the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op took a leap of faith and became first in the nation to offer Kombucha on tap—we’ve come a long way. A hundred more stores in the state now carry Aqua Vitea, we’ve expanded our production capacity by more than 500 percent, bulked up our staff to thirteen, and are now in a position to share our Kombucha with more Vermonters in harder-to-reach areas.

We consider the relationships we’ve built with you over the years our most prized asset. We remain dedicated to developing these relationships further in partnership with a distribution company that cares about the health of Vermont communities. Farrell Distributing represents more than 25 “Made In Vermont” Brands. They are masters of their craft: they know what it takes to deliver products in a safe, timely, and professional manner, all while representing each brand with transparency and authenticity.

Aqua Vitea Brand Ambassadors will continue to have a regular presence in your store at marketing events, demos, and ride-alongs with Farrell, acclimating them to your store culture. So don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere. I see this as a collaboration that taps what Farrell does best while allowing us to do what we do best: brew delicious Kombucha.

Thank you all for helping us grow, for helping us put healthy products into people’s hands and bellies, and for helping make Aqua Vitea what it is today. We look forward to our continued partnership with you in the years to come.
In Health –Jeff Weaber


Founder’s Story

In 2005 my wife and I moved to Salisbury, Vermont from Portland, Oregon. Oregon was our home for nine years as Katina pursued medical degrees in Naturopathy, midwifery, and acupuncture.

During my time in Oregon, I became a brewer for The Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. Although an ideal job, I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strived to find a way to integrate the two. Fortunately, I was in a unique position to be learning about brewing and fermentation at work while being exposed to the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine at home. Katina taught me about functional foods (using food as medicine) and the governing role of the digestive system on a persons overall health.

As soon as I learned about Kombucha from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and the Weston A. Price foundation, I knew I had found a way to brew, and sustain a healthy lifestyle while integrating both of our skills. So I began brewing Kombucha and experiencing many of its wonderful health effects first hand. I shared my surplus with friends, co-workers and classmates and was amazed by its popularity with both the naturopathic and beer drinking crowds alike. The more I learned about the benefits of Kombucha the more passionate I became about brewing it and making it available to my community.

Also during this time we became very involved with the local food movement and developed strong community ideals. We believe it is the responsibility of an individual to provide a component that will strengthen their community. For an individual or business to achieve success they must share a symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationship with their community. Furthermore, the health of the community depends on the health of its individuals, and an individual’s health begins with food.

For Katina and me, this dedication has translated into Aqua Vitea Kombucha and Salisbury Natural Family Health, which allow us the opportunity to educate and offer people alternatives to bring their lives into a healthy balance.