Even without color it’s the darkest red you’ll see ‪#‎CarnivorCabernet‬



11692708_852653611484390_701578454796394733_nWe selected a large portion of the fruit for our Cabernet Sauvignon from premier vineyards in Lodi, a leading California winegrowing region for over 150 years. Lodi offers ideal conditions for growing intensely ripe grapes with great natural acidity and fruit-forward characteristics. The 2013 growing season allowed an early October harvest at peak ripeness for Cabernet grapes, which showed bold, signature varietal character and desirable dark fruit flavors.


Following a brief cold soak to encourage extraction of color and tannin from the fruit, the must was fermented at 88-92°F for four to six days. The wine was then aged on oak until Cabernet’s naturally firm tannins were softened and the wine structure was balanced. We added a small amount of the boldest Petite Sirah grapes with the deepest color to enhance the wine’s color and structure. The finished wine has a round, plush mouthfeel and signature bold flavor.