“Do you know how that ice cold beer you enjoy at the end of a long day, at a ball game or with dinner makes its way safely to you, the consumer? The answer is America’s 3,300 beer distribution facilities and 130,000 employees who work behind the scenes to get bottles, cans, cases and kegs from a brewer or importer to the shelf of your favorite store, local restaurant or neighborhood bar”. Our company’s beginnings date to 1933, when Thomas A. Farrell and several of his brothers started a distributing business in a small warehouse on Pine Street in Burlington. Originally called M. M. Farrell & Sons, it was the first licensed distributor in Vermont after Prohibition.


If you are a beer or wine enthusiast, here are five reasons you should consider getting to know Farrell Distributing:


1) “Product News – Beer distributors partner with a number of different brewers to promote and sell their products. Follow your local beer distributor on social media, or sign up for their email updates, and (where permissible by state law) you’ll be the first to know about tap takeovers and other beer events in your area. Distributors also can provide information about when a new seasonal or limited allocation beer arrives in their warehouse, along with when these beers will be sold in your community”. http://www.farrelldistributing.com/products/beer-products


2) “Market Expertise – Beer distributors service hundreds of different retail accounts, from large chain stores to the corner pub, and sell a broad portfolio of products – from domestic to imports to regional and local craft beers. They are data-driven companies that know which brands and products are in high demand and can predict future trends in the marketplace. You can often look to beer distributors for an early indication of what products have staying power and may be expanding their distribution to new markets”. http://www.farrelldistributing.com/about/staff

3)” Unique Industry Perspective – Ever read an article about a new brewery opening or an uptick in beer sales around major holidays and want more context than what the story provides? Because many beer distribution companies are multi-generation family businesses that have been in the beer industry for years, they have institutional knowledge that can put today’s industry developments in context with history. And because beer distributors work with multiple brands and retail accounts, they can offer a broader perspective on all facets of the business”. https://farrelldist.wpengine.com/

4) “Great Facilities – If you’ve never toured a beer distribution company, you might be surprised to learn that it’s more than just a warehouse stacked with cases and a cold room loaded with kegs. Many beer distributors have impressive meeting facilities that are used for beer education and sales team trainings. Some are even designed to replicate the on-premise experience! Many distributors are happy to offer their facilities  to host beer events”. http://www.farrelldistributing.com/about/history

5) “Event Support – From charity fundraisers to beer festivals and beer pairing dinners, beer distributors are pros at planning and executing events. Many companies have Cicerone-certified staff who can help plan beer pairing events or educate consumers about a diverse range of products. Distributors even have their own sign shops and graphic designers who make all of the colorful signage and point-of-sale displays you see in your local store or favorite watering hole. Use your local distributor as a resource when organizing your next beer event”! https://farrelldist.wpengine.com/events-calendar



Thanks To The NBWA For The Blog

Founded in 1938, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is a trade association that represents the interests of the 3,300 licensed, independent beer distributors – with operations located in every state and congressional district across the United States – before government and the public.  NBWA works to strengthen the state-based system of alcohol regulation that facilitates an orderly marketplace; creates a transparent and accountable system of alcohol distribution that protects American consumers; and promotes responsibility in the manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption of alcohol.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the National Beer Wholesalers Association is to provide leadership which enhances the independent beer distribution industry; to advocate before government and the public; to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol; and to provide programs and services that will benefit its members.