The Deep River Snack Story Right From Them……

WE GIVE A CHIP… do you?

Deep River Snacks is more than just a bag of chips. We pride ourselves in doing right in everything we do.

We make snacking worthwhile by making snacks that are natural with tons of flavor. We feel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great flavor when you are buying a better-for-you snack. That’s why all of our snacks are only made from natural ingredients, there are no dyes, no preservatives, no trans-fat, but still have amazing flavor.

We are committed to only making snacks that are “certified” gluten-free. We’ve always produced gluten-free snacks, but last year we went through the certification process to ensure that our snacks meet the government standards of being gluten free. Not only did we meet, but we exceeded the standards and all our products are 10 parts per million. This means that even people with very sensitive gluten intolerance can enjoy our snacks.

We believe in keeping the American economy growing and that’s why we make sure that everything we purchase is “Made in the USA”. We’ve had the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by purchasing snack racks overseas but we don’t because it’s not the right thing to do. Everything from ingredients & packaging to our t-shirts that we give away are always Made in the USA.

We’re not just about great snacks, we’re also about doing good. That’s why we highlight a different charity on every flavor of Deep River Snacks. People we know and love have been affected by certain diseases and illnesses which is why we use our product packaging to promote awareness for various charitable causes. ‘We Give A Chip’ to try to make a difference. To learn more about these relationships, click on one of the following snack partners.

Kettle Chips
– Original Salted
– Sweet Maui Onion
– Rosemary & Olive Oil
– Sea Salt & Vinegar
– Salt & Cracked Pepper
– Zesty Jalapeno
– Mesquite BBQ
– Lightly Salted 40% Reduced Fat
– New York Spicy Dill Pickle
– Aged Cheddar Horseradish
– Limited Edition Ninja Ginger

Tortilla Chips
– Nacho Cheese
– Peach Habanero

– Sharp White Cheddar Popcorn
– Organic Sea Salt Popcorn