You do not have to listen closely to hear the sounds of Winter from Vermonters, and even transplants like myself. “Why is it so cold”, “I hate snow”, “I love snow”, “winter sucks”, “is it St Patty’s yet”, “can’t wait to ski and ride”, “hope it dumps all season”, “Holy S&@* it’s only February”… you get my point. We are divided on this subject more than any other season for good reason, it is hard to love winter, you have to be dedicated to surviving it here in the 802. We all have a vested interest in snow and good resort conditions, especially us in the beverage business. But aside from all that, the opportunities to sip on amazing liquid that fit the current season is always exciting to us here at Farrell, especially this one.



Luckily for the ones who enjoy a great beer, wine, hard cider, & mead, this is hands down one of the best seasons to kick back and sip on pure deliciousness.  There are no rules when crafting or choosing a winter beverage to enjoy. No guidelines that need to be followed. But let’s  be honest, a nice full bodied, rich, malty brew soothes the soul during this long and cold season. A nice big bottle of Cab , or even a locally made spiced Mead or ginger Hard Cider sure seems to hit the spot with temperatures barely above freezing.


 Maybe it’s just us, but we sure do get excited when looking at all of those choices to pair with family and friends while the wood stove is loaded and burning away.  We have arguably the greatest IPA’s in the world brewed  within our daily reach across the Green Mountains, and it will only be increasing which is good news for all of us. But let’s give the Brown’s, Porter’s, Stout’s, Chocolate’s,  and holiday spiced offerings their due over the next few months, you won’t be disappointed, we promise!




We of course have lots of recommendations to try and help you navigate your palette. Check out our December Beer, Wine and NA books, easily flip through to find a new favorite to enjoy. You can always find those here http://www.farrelldistributing.com/products/beer-products  http://www.farrelldistributing.com/products/wine-products http://www.farrelldistributing.com/products/non-alcoholic-products


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You can always find our team out and about celebrating the best of the season, winter brewfests, Ice Bar celebrations,  weekly bar and pub tastings,  and of course ski and ride Après events. Stay up to date with us and check back often, we would love to share a pint with you as we all help each other stay warm across the state. https://farrelldist.wpengine.com/events-calendar



As for me, I go between “hope it dumps all season” and “is it St Patty’s yet” on a daily basis.


Hope to see you out and about,


Ryan Chaffin

Director of Marketing

Farrell Distributing


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