Sparkling Yerba Maté beverage company CLEAN Cause and Farrell Distributing.

WHAT: CLEAN Cause, the Austin-based sparkling Yerba Maté beverage company celebrates National Recovery Month with local distributor Farrell Distributing. During National Recovery Month, CLEAN Cause celebrates and recognizes the millions of Americans who have achieved recovery and those who are still struggling in their journey to sobriety. The goal throughout September is to come together, celebrate individuals in recovery, and offer hope to those who are struggling.

We were proud to have the opportunity to represent CLEAN Cause here in Vermont when they launched in 2019. Sparkling Yerba Maté is a growing and exciting category, and to partner with this organization who not only offers the best the best tasting, organic, low-calorie option, but their commitment to giving back was something that really aligned with us. Ryan Chaffin – Farrell Distributing

Earlier this year, CLEAN Cause announced a milestone moment in the company’s commitment to donate 50% of profits to support individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. That mission has now resulted in the granting of more than 2,436 sober living scholarships totaling more than $1.2 Million to date. 54 scholarships have been granted to individuals in Vermont.

Why I drink Clean Cause from Nicholas Brice of Farrell Distributing.
Originally, I saw labeled on the can that 50% of profits support addiction and recovery which really spoke to me. Knowing that supporting this brand makes a difference for people struggling with the same disease I was fighting; it was a powerful connection. It makes me feel good that every time I purchase a can of Clean Cause I am contributing with helping make a difference in someone’s life. I personally believe that addiction is a disease and not a choice. To fight this, you need to have strength, hope, and the willingness to do what it takes to have a better life. In my journey with fighting this disease of addiction, it was too strong and overbearing that I could not make my own choices. Today I live the life the way I want to, and I can make my own choices with confidence being clean and in recovery. I have friends, I have family and I found a career at an amazing place that accepted me for me and gave me a chance. I am forever grateful to everyone that has accepted me for who I am today!

CLEAN Cause is available across the state of Vermont, please speak to your local Farrell rep to learn more.

For more information, visit and follow along on social media @CLEANCause.

About CLEAN Cause:
CLEAN Cause is expanding addiction recovery access in communities across the country. CLEAN Cause’s business model and their commitment to fund sober living scholarships with 50% of profits has resulted in the granting of over 2,436 sober living scholarships representing more than $1,218,000.. The CLEAN Cause product line consists of eight amazing tasting, USDA organic certified, sparkling yerba maté beverages that come in low and zero sugar options. Each 16-ounce can is packed with 160mgs of organic caffeine to power your everyday passions while supporting individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. CLEAN Cause’s 40-plus employees are dedicated to building a brand that empowers consumers to leverage their purchases to support individuals in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction with greater access to sober living facilities.

About Farrell Distributing
Founded in 1933 we are a 4th generation family business with a core focus on Quality, Service and Community. Central to our philosophy is that we are here to serve the Vermont consumer, our retailers, and our supplier partners. We count on every member of our team to support this mission and to be the embodiment of our philosophy. We lead by being entrepreneurial, independent, and innovative in all we do.

Commitment to Community
Throughout its history, Farrell Distributing has maintained a strong commitment to social responsibility, participating in responsible drinking campaigns and partnering with local organizations to help those in need throughout Vermont. Learn more about our commitment to community, responsibility campaigns, and news/events.