Superb Summer Pairings Program Featuring Vermont Made Products Goes Live
Sponsored and Supported by Farrell Distributing

Montpelier, Vt. – Vermont Retail and Grocers Association (VRGA) and the Vermont Specialty Food
Association (VSFA) work together to guide Vermont made products through the doors of grocery and
retail stores statewide. In early 2021, VRGA Member Farrell Distributing partnered with the two
associations to pair Vermont specialty foods with beverages that would enhance and highlight the unique nature of both products.

With a wide assortment of beers, wine, ciders and non-alcoholic (NA) beverages in their catalog, Farrell was the right choice to lead this project. “We employ full time beer, cider and wine trainers on staff. In addition to our internal training, we offer training services for our retailers across the state,” said Ryan Chaffin, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Farrell Distributing. “We were thrilled to
partner on this collaboration to curate and produce some content that hopefully sparks some interest in shoppers to try these at home alongside us.”

“The partnership between VRGA and VSFA has always been a symbiotic one,” says Erin Sigrist,
President of VRGA and Executive Director of VSFA. “Partnering with members to highlight the amazing
value-added products made right here in Vermont, whether food or beverage, benefits everyone involved;
from the food and beverage producers, to the distributors, retailers, and straight through to the
consumers. This was an exciting opportunity and we look forward to more partnerships in the future.”
VSFA member producers from around the state provided their products to Farrell Distributing who then
paired these foods with the perfect beverage. Farrell utilized New England Cooks kitchen space in Barre, Vt. to prepare and shoot a series of pairing videos.

The pairings range from sweet to spicy, savory, and everything in between. Beverages run the gamut
from beer and wine to cider and non-alcoholic drinks. “There’s a little something for everyone in this
delectable series,” says Sigrist.. “We highly recommend stopping in to your local store, grabbing a couple of the below matches and taking a taste for yourself. Many, if not all, are the perfect treat for sunny days.”

If your store doesn’t carry one of the brands, let them know you’d like them to or consider ordering directly from the producers themselves. The videos debut on #FarrellFridays on the VRGA and VSFA social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and are available on and following their premier. Keep your eyes peeled for them and make sure to share so your friends and family can get in on the fun too!

VSFA Member Products Beverage Pairing
Hillside Lane Farm: Antipasto Tapenade & Sea
Salt Beer Crackers
Rocca delle Macie: Chianti Classico

Fat Toad Farm: Original & Salted Bourbon Caramel
Long Trail: Double Bag

True North Granola: Nutty No Grainer Original &
Cold Brewtus: Nitro Coffee & Aqua ViTea:
Blueberry Social & Halyard: Volcano Juice (alc.
Ginger beer)

Yolo Snacks: Original & White Cheddar Zero Gravity:
Green State Lager & Outer Limits: Froot Boots (English-style IPA)

Pin Up Pickles: Classic Dilly Beans & Brew Buddy DIY Pickle Kit
Queen City: Hefeweizen & Fiddlehead: IPA

Maplebrook Farm: Burrata & Smoked Mozzarella
Pieropan: Soave Classico & Von Trapp: Vienna Lager

Stewart Maple: Maple Popcorn 14th Star: Maple Breakfast Stout & Champlain
Orchards: Mac & Maple

Lake Champlain Chocolates: Moka Fleck Bar & Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate Bar
Apothic: Dark Red Blend & Eden: Heirloom Ice Cider

Nanarella’s Fruit Paté: Fruit Paté Assortment
(Raspberry, Blueberry & Black Currant)
Rutland Beer Works: Blueberry Blonde &
Harpoon: Dragon Weisse sour

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates: Chocolate
Covered Mini-Twist Pretzels (Milk & Dark)
Good Measure: Pitter Patter (porter)

Halladay’s Harvest Barn: Classic Beer Bread Drop In: Red Dwarf (red ale)

Blake Hill Preserves: Botanical Shrubs – Basil
Blueberry & Spicy Jalapeno
La Marca: Prosecco (750mL & 187mL) &
Saratoga: Sparkling Water

To learn more about the work VRGA does, visit their website at, follow them on facebook & twitter, call their office at (802) 839-1928 or visit them at 963 Paine Turnpike N, Berlin, VT 05602.

To learn more about the work VSFA does, visit their website at, follow them on
Facebook & Instagram, or call their office at (802) 839-1930.
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About Vermont Retail & Grocers Association:
The Vermont Retail & Grocers Association represents approximately 800 Vermont retail stores and 250
suppliers to the industry, including members of the Vermont Specialty Food Association. VRGA is an
association of merchants and trade partners united to promote the sustainable growth of the industry
through the educational, economic and public policy needs of its members. The association is the leading
voice in the legislature representing members when it comes to proposed changes in laws surrounding
employment regulations, taxation, environmental regulations, and much more.
About the Vermont Specialty Food Association:
The Vermont Specialty Food Association is the leading information resource for all specialty food and
beverage producers, service providers, and industry professionals. VSFA supports the growth of specialty
food and beverage businesses and the Vermont industry through education, promotion, and statewide
and national collaboration. It is the nation’s oldest and most highly regarded specialty food association,
celebrating over 30 years of service to the industry.

You can see all the pairings here.